Green Relief is pleased to introduce New Dawn – a CBD-dominant cannabis oil. With trace amounts of THC, New Dawn is ideal for patients requiring moderate CBD doses, while avoiding the intoxicating effects associated with THC.

We produce New Dawn through supercritical CO2 extraction of dried flower from one of our CBD-producing strains.

The team then goes through a series of steps to isolate CBD from plant contaminants and THC, while retaining some of the strain’s unique terpene profile.

To learn more about New Dawn, check out the video! 

Before being bottled, the CBD extract is mixed with a pleasant-tasting MCT oil (refined coconut oil) to help with absorption in the body.

Like all of Green Relief’s ingestible cannabis oils, New Dawn offers a consistent and accurate means of dosing medical cannabis.

Dosing can be easily adjusted based on need, and with support from your healthcare practitioner.

A healthy alternative to smoking or vaping, New Dawn can be added to favourite foods or beverages, or dropped under the tongue.

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