A Sanskrit word, Maitri can be translated as benevolence and friendship.

And that’s exactly what the Green Relief x Maitri collaboration is about. Green Relief made friends with the Quebec-based company to make something that captures our shared values…

Introducing the Green Relief x Maitri Welcome and Starter Kits.

About Maitri

Co-founded by Phil Depault and Alex Lalancette in 2017, Maitri is a cannabis lifestyle brand whose mission is to empower people to seek new perspectives.

Before starting the company, Depault competed for the Canadian national mountain bike team, participating in World Cups with dreams of representing his country in the Olympics. That is, until 2012, when Depault was diagnosed with fibromyalgia: a musculoskeletal disorder causing widespread pain, fatigue, and insomnia.   

Depault’s condition forced him to leave the sport. Faced with chronic pain, he turned to cannabis. And though initially a skeptic, the former athlete eventually became an advocate.

Depault’s background gave him a unique passion for health and wellness that made its way into Maitri ’s identity.

Their values aligned with ours at Green Relief and inspired us to bring together five like-minded brands for one sustainability-and-wellness-orientated package.

What’s in the kits?

The Welcome Kit comes in a reusable bag hand sewn by Dans le Sac – another Quebecois company who shares Green Relief’s passion for sustainability.

Inside the bag, patients will find recipe and infographic cards, stickers, and a 4-oz. Salt Spring Island candle.

The larger, Starter Kit, will be available for Green Relief registered patients to purchase and includes the Welcome Kit’s stickers and infographic cards. Inside the Starter Kit, patients will also find an expanded selection of recipe cards, a custom wooden card holder, a patient journal and pen, and Maitri’s Karuna – an artisanal cannabis jar.

As part of our mission of wellness, the Starter Kit gives you access to healthy cannabis recipes – not just your typical brownies and baked goods. And the engraved wooden card holder allows you to quickly glance at a recipe while you cook.

The Salt Spring Island Candle Company put their touch on the Welcome Kit with their Yoga candle. By combining Amyris, Sandalwood, and Frangipani, this candle captures the fragrance of wellness. The company also boasts ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and locally made products, making them perfectly suited for our kit.

The Green Relief pen and Goldleaf cannabis journal allow patients to easily track their progress and develop a better understanding of what strains work for them. Tracking your cannabis use can help you find the perfect treatment, and there’s no better way than the beautiful and celebrated Goldleaf patient journal.

Finally, Maitri’s Karuna combines cherry wood and ceramics to give consumers the perfect cannabis storage jar. Entirely handmade by local craftsmen, the Karuna is airtight, odour proof, UV protective, and of stunning design.

And stickers are fun.

How do I get a kit?

The Welcome Kit will be complimentary for new Green Relief patient and the Starter Kit will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.  

In the meantime, Green Relief will be giving away two Starter Kits on August 1 via our website and Instagram. So, enter on both platforms to double your chances of winning!