Margaret Trudeau Visits Green Relief

While in town for a recent fundraiser, former first lady of Canada Margaret Trudeau heard of our aquaponics facility.

She was so intrigued that she decided to come on a tour of the Green Relief facility the very next morning.

As honorary president of WaterAid Canada since 2002, Trudeau has devoted much time and effort towards helping communities around the world access safe water and sanitation.

In addition to speaking engagements and other awareness campaigns, Trudeau has seen the impact of clean drinking water around the world, traveling to Ethiopia in 2006 and Uganda twice, in 1997 and again in 2000.

So when she heard about the sustainable form of agriculture Green Relief was using to grow medical cannabis — one that uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture — she simply had to see this with her own eyes.

Simply put, Trudeau was blown away by our aquaponics facility and our production of 'better than organic' vegetables, medical cannabis and fish.

She felt that that our advancements in agriculture and aquaponics were incredibly impressive and that the role that she sees Canada playing as stewards of the planet could benefit greatly from our efforts to provide the much-needed global solutions for food and water shortages.

We here at Green Relief are very proud of our achievements in sustainable agriculture and 'better than organic' products, and we look forward to being part of Canada's plan to create a sustainable future for everyone.

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