From individuals on fixed incomes to those who serve their communities – and country – Green Relief is pleased to offer Pricing Programs to eligible patients.
Through these programs, eligible patients receive a cost saving on each order of medical cannabis they make through Green Relief.
While the programs apply to our dried flower and cannabis oil products, accessories are not included. Also, the below programs cannot be combined and applied to an order. 

Compassionate Pricing

Patients with an annual income of $29,000, or less, including those on government-subsidized disability programs, receive a 25% saving on their cannabis orders.

To be eligible, Green Relief requires a current Notice of Assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency, or confirmation of income from a provincial or federal disability program.

Life Experience

To continue living life to the fullest, patients aged 65+ save 15% on their cannabis products. 

First Responder Appreciation

To thank them for their heroic work, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics, receive a 15% saving on cannabis products.

To be eligible, Green Relief requires confirmation of employment.

Veteran Appreciation

In recognition of their service, veterans with a K# issued by Veterans Affairs Canada can apply for full Medavie Blue Cross coverage across all of Green Relief’s dried flower products, which have been priced at $8.50 per gram.

This $8.50 per gram coverage also extends to cannabis oils, with an additional 20% off the remaining cost of the oil purchase.

 Military Appreciation

To show our support and gratitude for their service, military personnel receive a 15 % saving on cannabis products.

To be eligible Green Relief requires confirmation of active or reserve status.

Healthcare Practitioner Appreciation

To support the well-being of those who care for others, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses receive a 10% discount on cannabis products.

To be eligible, Green Relief requires a copy of credentials from a Canadian medical regulatory authority or organization. 

For questions about our Pricing Programs, or requirements for eligibility, please contact our Client Care department by calling 1-855-841-2009 ext. 4056, or send us an email.

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