Dried Cannabis Strains

Product and cannabinoid percentages are subject to change

Floating Island

THC: 9.38-16%

CBD: .02-.23%

Low Tide

THC:  5.45-7.91%

CBD:  8.93-13%

Coral Reef

THC: 8.04-15%


Deep Purple

THC: 11.14-14%

CBD: 0-.04%

Ripple Effect

THC: 12.1%

CBD:  0%


THC: 18.4%

CBD:  0%


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A picture of the Arizer Solo vaporizer, black.

Arizer Solo


A picture of the Arizer Solo II marijuana vaporizer in mystic blue.

Arizer Solo II


A picture of the DaVinci IQ cannabis vaporizer. in gunmetal colour.

DaVinci IQ


A picture of the Utillian 720 cannabis vaporizer, in black.

Utillian 720


A photo of the Zeus Smite cannabis vaporizer in black.

Zeus Smite


A picture of the Zeus Smite+ marijuana vaporizer in black.

Zeus Smite+


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